Vor der Buchung beachten:

Bitte beachten Sie vor Ihrer Kursanmeldung unsere Allgemeine Teilnahmebedingungen (pdf, 92 KB) insbesondere aber unser Fairplay: An- und Abmelden (pdf, 299 KB).. Vielen Dank!

Covid-19 Schutzkonzept

Basiskschutzkonzept der UZH und Maskenpflicht bei Lehrveranstaltungen


Hier finden Sie Antworten zu häufig gestellten Fragen.

Zum Abmelden von Kursen gehen Sie bitte auf Ihre Teilnehmenden-Homepage .


E-Mail: training@zi.uzh.ch


Kursprogramm des FS22:

Das Programm für das Herbstsemester 2022 ist ab Juli online. Eine Anmeldung ist ab dem 01.09.2022 (im Laufe der Nacht ab ca. 01:00 Uhr) möglich.

The program for the autumn semester 2022 will be online from July. Registration is possible from 01.09.2022 (during the night from approx. 01:00)

CMS, OLAT und S3IT Kurse erlauben auch vorher eine Anmeldung.

CMS, OLAT and S3IT courses also allow prior registration.

Courses in English

Only the current and upcoming courses are visible in the course program. So you can see more quickly in which courses are still available.


Information on the implementation of the courses


In compliance with the protection concept, some courses will again be held on-site (on premises) in our course rooms at Rämistrasse and on the Irchel campus. A large number of courses will continue to be offered at FS22 via Zoom and, in particular, Teams in order to enable as many participants as possible to receive IT continuing education and training under secure circumstances.

Courses with the addition (on premises) to the course room information will be held on-site. All other courses are offered online. Please refer to the necessary information for participation on the respective course pages and the following protection concept!

Information about the protection concept for participants in the IT courses


(As of 23. February 2022)


Please observe the protection concept of UZH when participating in an event on site (on premises). We would like to ask you to comply with the rules listed. Thank you!
In particular:

  • Please do not come to the course room in case of sickness. Please contact the IT Training team. We will be happy to sign you out of the course and wish you a speedy recovery!
  • Please ware a medical protective mask in the course. The obligation to wear a mask does not apply to speakers at a course for the duration of the presentation if a distance of 1.5m to other persons is maintained.
  • Please disinfect your hands regularly with soap or disinfectant
  • .

We look forward to your course attendance and thank you for your understanding!

Betriebssysteme, Programmierung
S3IT - Linux Command LineUCLC115Enrico FaveroDevin Routh 9. Aug. 202214:00-16:30Zoom Meeting S3IT
S3IT - Linux Command LineUCLC220Enrico FaveroDevin Routh 13. Sept. 202214:00-16:30Zoom Meeting S3IT
Python BasicsAPPB220Philipp Gloor 24. Sept. 2022 -
1. Okt. 2022
09:00-16:00Y10-E-25 (on premises)
Python BasicsAPPB120Giuseppe Accaputo 8. Okt. 2022 -
15. Okt. 2022
09:00-16:00Y10-E-25 (on premises)
S3IT - Linux Command LineUCLC318Enrico FaveroDevin Routh 11. Okt. 202214:00-16:30Zoom Meeting S3IT
TheAlternative.ch - LinuxDays Install EventTAIE120Florian MoserAlexander Schoch 12. Okt. 202217:30-18:45Y01-F-08 (on premises)
TheAlternative.ch - LinuxDays Install EventTAIE220Florian MoserAlexander Schoch 12. Okt. 202219:00-20:15Y01-F-08 (on premises)
TheAlternative.ch - LinuxDays Install EventTAIE320Florian MoserAlexander Schoch 12. Okt. 202220:30-21:45Y01-F-08 (on premises)
Python BasicsAPPB420Kaju Bubanja 22. Okt. 2022 -
29. Okt. 2022
09:00-16:00Y10-E-25 (on premises)
Intermediate PythonAPPI120Philipp Gloor 29. Okt. 2022 -
5. Nov. 2022
09:00-16:00Y01-F-49 (on premises)
Intermediate PythonAPPI220Kaju Bubanja 5. Nov. 2022 -
12. Nov. 2022
09:00-16:00Y10-E-25 (on premises)
S3IT - Linux Command LineUCLC420Enrico FaveroDevin Routh 8. Nov. 202214:00-16:30Zoom Meeting S3IT
S3IT - Linux Command LineUCLC520Enrico FaveroDevin Routh 13. Dez. 202214:00-16:30Zoom Meeting S3IT
Python BasicsAPPB325Philipp Gloor 16. Jan. 2023 -
25. Jan. 2023
18:00-21:00Y10-E-25 (on Teams)
Data Science
R: tidyverse for Data ScienceARF18Jan Wunder 18. Aug. 2022 -
25. Aug. 2022
10:00-17:00Y10-E-25 (on Teams)
R: Basic IntroductionARE120Jan Wunder 22. Sept. 202210:00-17:00Y10-E-25 (on premises)
R: tidyverse for Data ScienceARF220Jan Wunder 30. Sept. 2022 -
6. Okt. 2022
10:00-17:00Y10-E-25 (on Teams)
R: Basic IntroductionARE420Tina Cornioley 14. Okt. 202209:00-16:00Y10-E-25 (on Teams)
Introduction to Programming with MATLABAMATA125Paola Bacigaluppi 17. Okt. 2022 -
27. Okt. 2022
17:30-20:30Zoom Meeting with Paola Bacigaluppi
Stata: IntroductionAST125Kushtrim Veseli 29. Okt. 2022 -
5. Nov. 2022
09:00-16:00RAI-E-131 (on Teams)
R: Reporting using R MarkdownARR120Jan Wunder 3. Nov. 202210:00-17:00Y10-E-25 (on premises)
R: Basic IntroductionARE320Paola Bacigaluppi 7. Nov. 2022 -
8. Nov. 2022
09:00-12:00Y01-F-49 (on premises)
Introduction to Text Analytics with PythonAPPT120Maria TsilimosElena Fernandez Fernandez 10. Nov. 2022 -
24. Nov. 2022
09:00-12:00Y01-F-49 (on premises)
R: Basic IntroductionARE520Tina Cornioley 11. Nov. 202209:00-17:00RAI-E-131 (on premises)
Python - Data Analysis EssentialsAPPD120Giuseppe Accaputo 19. Nov. 2022 -
26. Nov. 2022
09:00-16:00Y10-E-25 (on premises)
Learn spatial programming with QGIS and PythonAPQF124Gabriele Colosimo 19. Nov. 2022 -
26. Nov. 2022
10:00-17:00RAI-E-131 (on premises)
R: Web ScrapingARW120Timo Grossenbacher 22. Nov. 2022 -
1. Dez. 2022
17:00-20:00Zoom Meeting
R: Basic IntroductionARE220Jan Wunder 1. Dez. 202210:00-17:00Y10-E-25 (on Teams)
Introduction to Text Analytics with PythonAPPT225Maria Tsilimos 10. Jan. 2023 -
24. Jan. 2023
09:00-12:00Y01-F-49 (on Teams)
R: tidyverse for Data ScienceARF320Jan Wunder 12. Jan. 2023 -
19. Jan. 2023
10:00-17:00Y10-E-25 (on premises)
R: Crash Course in Statistics using RARS120Jürg Schwarz 27. Jan. 2023 -
3. Feb. 2023
08:30-16:30Y01-F-49 (on premises)
Scientific Computing
S3IT - ScienceCloud baseSCB114Filippo StenicoEnrico FaveroDevin Routh 16. Aug. 202214:00-16:30Zoom Meeting S3IT
S3IT – ScienceCluster baseSCC120Devin RouthDarren Reed 23. Aug. 202214:00-16:30Zoom Meeting S3IT
S3IT - ScienceCloud baseSCB219Filippo StenicoEnrico FaveroDevin Routh 20. Sept. 202214:00-16:30Zoom Meeting S3IT
S3IT – ScienceCluster baseSCC219Devin RouthDarren Reed 27. Sept. 202214:00-16:30Zoom Meeting S3IT
S3IT - ScienceCloud baseSCB319Filippo StenicoEnrico FaveroDevin Routh 18. Okt. 202214:00-16:30Zoom Meeting S3IT
S3IT – ScienceCluster baseSCC319Devin RouthDarren Reed 25. Okt. 202214:00-16:30Zoom Meeting S3IT
S3IT - ScienceCloud baseSCB420Filippo StenicoEnrico FaveroDevin Routh 15. Nov. 202214:00-16:30Zoom Meeting S3IT
S3IT – ScienceCluster baseSCC420Devin RouthDarren Reed 22. Nov. 202214:00-16:30Zoom Meeting S3IT
S3IT - ScienceCloud baseSCB520Filippo StenicoEnrico FaveroDevin Routh 20. Dez. 202214:00-16:30Zoom Meeting S3IT
OLAT: For course authors (EN)AOE323Martin Baumann LMS-UZH (on Teams)
Collaboration, Social Media und Webpublishing
UZH CMS Introduction Magnolia (in English)CMS217Thomas Poppenwimmer 19. Okt. 2022 -
20. Okt. 2022
08:30-11:30Y10-E-25 (on premises)
Bildbearbeitung, Illustration und Präsentation
Affinity Designer: BasicsAADE125Miriam Selmi Reed 4. Okt. 2022 -
1. Nov. 2022
14:00-17:00RAI-D-021 (on Teams)
Textverarbeitung, Publishing
LaTeX - Introduction into the typesetting systemALTE225Alina Gasser 22. Okt. 2022 -
29. Okt. 2022
09:00-17:00Y01-F-49 (on Teams)
Introduction to Git and GitlabGIT125Florian MoserAlexander Schoch 17. Nov. 202217:00-20:00Y01-F-49 (on Teams)
Introduction to Git and GitlabGIT225Florian MoserAlexander Schoch 17. Jan. 202317:00-20:00Y01-F-49 (on Teams)