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Courses in English

You may only find courses of the current term which are still to take place.

Important notice

At the UZH, courses are not held on the premises until 30 May.

Almost all courses of the IT further education and training courses have been conducted online since April 14, 2020. You will receive the necessary information for the login from the course administration or your course management via e-mail..

Whether the IT courses will be held "on site" again from June on, we are unfortunately not able to say at this time.

Thank you for your understanding!

Betriebssysteme, Programmierung
Foundations of Programming with PythonAPPE40Philipp Gloor 6. April 2021 -
15. April 2021
18:00-21:00Y10-E-25 (on Teams)
TheAlternative.ch - Introduction to LinuxTAIL115The Alternative 14. April 202117:15-19:00Video Meeting
TheAlternative.ch - Linux ToolboxTALT115The Alternative 16. April 202117:15-19:00Video Meeting
Data Science
R: Basic IntroductionARE50Paola Bacigaluppi 13. April 2021 -
15. April 2021
17:30-20:30RAI-E-131 (on Teams)
Python - Data Analysis EssentialsAPPF10Kaju Bubanja 15. April 2021 -
23. April 2021
17:00-20:00Y01-F-49 (on Teams)
R: tidyverse for Data ScienceARF10Jan Wunder 15. April 2021 -
29. April 2021
10:00-17:00Y10-E-25 (on Teams)
R: Basic IntroductionARE30Tina Cornioley 7. Mai 202109:00-16:00Y10-E-25 (on Teams)
Python - Data Analysis EssentialsAPPF30Giuseppe Accaputo 4. Juni 2021 -
25. Juni 2021
09:00-12:00RAIE131 (on Teams)
R: Web ScrapingARW15Timo Grossenbacher 7. Juni 2021 -
11. Juni 2021
17:00-20:00Y10-E-25 (on Teams)
Introduction to Programming with MATLABAMATA20Paola Bacigaluppi 8. Juni 2021 -
16. Juni 2021
17:30-20:30RAI-E-131 (on Teams)
R: Basic IntroductionARE40Tina Cornioley 11. Juni 202110:00-17:00Y10-E-25 (on Teams)
Python - Data Analysis EssentialsAPPF20Kaju Bubanja 18. Juni 2021 -
25. Juni 2021
09:00-16:00RAI-D-021 (on Teams)
Learn spatial programming with QGIS and PythonAPQF11Mara BranzantiGabriele Colosimo 19. Juni 2021 -
30. Juni 2021
10:00-17:00RAI-E-131 (on Teams)
Scientific Computing
S3IT - ScienceCloud baseSCB313Filippo StenicoEnrico Favero 20. April 202114:00-16:30Video Meeting ScienceCloud Base
S3IT - ScienceCloud baseSCB420Filippo StenicoEnrico Favero 18. Mai 202114:00-16:30Video Meeting ScienceCloud Base
S3IT - ScienceCloud baseSCB520Filippo StenicoEnrico Favero 15. Juni 202114:00-16:30Video Meeting ScienceCloud Base
S3IT - ScienceCloud baseSCB620Filippo StenicoEnrico Favero 20. Juli 202114:00-16:30Video Meeting ScienceCloud Base
Collaboration, Social Media und Webpublishing
UZH CMS Introduction MagnoliaCMS211Thomas Poppenwimmer 13. April 2021 -
15. April 2021
13:30-16:30RAI-D-021 (on Teams)
Basic Introduction to JavaScriptAJS10David Pinezich 29. Juni 2021 -
6. Juli 2021
17:00-20:00Y01F49 (on Teams)
Textverarbeitung, Publishing
LaTeX - Introduction into the typesetting systemALTE33Reto Gubelmann 11. Juni 2021 -
30. Juni 2021
09:00-16:00RAID021 (on Teams)
Introduction to Git and GitlabGIT20Florian MoserAlexander Schoch 7. Juni 202117:00-20:00RAI-E-131 (on Teams)