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TheAlternative.ch - Introduction to Linux

In this course you will learn about the wide family of free operating systems based on the Linux kernel, some of the most useful software tools available for them, as well as the philosophy that made them so successful.

Find out how easy to use and yet powerful Linux systems are, discover their advantages when compared to other operating systems, and get to understand their basic structure and most important concepts.
Furthermore, discover different flavours of Linux and get a feeling for which distribution and desktop environment would be the right match for you.

You may register for this course via the website of TheAlternative.

Linux Heroes
Already an experienced Linux user? If you would like to assist during the
events, please get in touch with us via https://thealternative.ch.




Students and employees of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich.


You can get the slides from our website "https://gitlab.ethz.ch/thealternative/courses"


If you want to install Linux on your machine, you may want to have a look at this install guide: https://thealternative.ch/guides/install.php


Kurs TAIL 1
Freie Plätze:20
Dauer:1 Tag(e) / 2 Stunde(n)
Kursleitende:Lecturer TheAlternative.ch
Teilnehmerzahl:Min: 1
Max: 20
Ort:This course will be held using Video Meeting UZH. Please check the course descriptions for further details.
Video Meeting
Dienstag, 19. Oktober 202117:15 - 19:00
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