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Das Programm für das Herbstsemester 2017 ist ab Anfang August online. Eine Anmeldung ist ab dem 01.09.2017 möglich.

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MS PowerPoint 2016: Presentations for advanced users

In this module for advanced PowerPoint users, special attention is paid to design rules and their implementation. The goal is that you can bring spice into your presentations and stand out from the crowd. You will learn that less is often more, or that a conscious choice of color is immanently important. In addition, we will discuss technical aspects related to presentations and use PowerPoint functions in a "think-out-side-the-box" approach (e.g. designing a time ticker).

  • Various design rules
  • Create interactive buttons
  • Highlighting of text parts, image parts, etc.
  • Import tables and charts from Excel
  • Advanced use of PowerPoint functions (eg time ticker)
  • Technical tips & tricks


Participation in the introductory course: MS PowerPoint 2016. Alternative: Sound knowledge in PowerPoint (slidesmaster, animations, slide transitions, etc.).


Students and employees of the University of Zurich


The course documents will be provided digitally on the course day.


Please bring a USB stick with you to take home the created course work. The course is based on MS-Office version 2016 (Windows). The course language is English. However, the course instructor is able to answer questions that are asked in German.


Kurs WPPF 1
Freie Plätze:0
Dauer:1 Tag(e) / 6 Stunde(n)
Kursleitende:Alain A. Asik
Teilnehmerzahl:Min: 7
Max: 20
Ort:Windows-Schulungsraum der Informatikdienste, Winterthurerstr. 190, Irchel - Haupteingang Informatikdienste, rechts den Gang entlang, rechts die Treppe runter.
Samstag, 7. Oktober 201709:00 - 16:00
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